• Why do I need your inmate telephone service ?

    Long distance collect calls from an inmate can be very expensive. Unless you have a number that is local to the jail or prison, you will be charged a lot of money to receive inmate phone calls. Using our local number you can eliminate the long distance portion of the call and talk to your inmate for the local rate. That means you can talk longer with the money you are now spending.

    Learn more about our service on our How it Works page

  • How long will it take me get my new local number ?

    We will provide you with a local number immediately upon activating your new inmate calling account! Get your local number and start saving on your long distance inmate telephone calls right away.

  • What is I need more than 300 minutes of talk time ?

    You can add as many additonal minutes to your calling plan as you would like for just $0.05 per minute. If you are adding minutes to your account between renewals we require a $10.00 minimum transaction. You can also take advantage of our Unlimited Calling plan if you expect a lot of calls. Additonal minutes can be purchased by clicking the My Acount button at the top right side of the page, and logging into your account, or by calling us at 1.800.526.1170.

  • What happens if my inmate is transferred to another facility ?

    We know that transfers happen regularly so we offer our customers the opportunity to change their local number without any hassle. Just contact us when your inmate arrives at the new correctional facility and we will gladly provide you with new local numbers instantly. All new lines are transferred at a cost of $2.99 each. If a local number cannot be provided to save you money then we will discontinue your service and process a refund for the balance on your account.

  • What if my home number changes, will I still be able to receive my inmate calls ?

    If there is a change in the home, work or mobile, number we are connecting our service with just contact us with the new number and we will change it in our system at no extra charge. However, if there is an excessive amount of requests for number changes, Cheap Jail Calls reserves the right to charge $2.99 for each request. This process only takes a moment and will not delay your Cheap Jail Calls.

  • Can I receive Cheap Jail Calls onmy cell phone ?

    You can receive Cheap Jail Calls on your mobile phone or any other active telephone line that you choose.

  • If I use your service why would I still need the jail or prison's current service provider ?

    Unfortunately, each jail and prison has a contract with the company that provides telephone service to their facility. These companies include PCS, Paytel, Global Tel Link, and Value Added Commmunications just to name a few. There is no way around them so taking advantage of their local rate is the next best option. We help you to use their service for less money by making every call a local call.

  • Can my inmate call anywhere in the world with your service ?

    The calls are placed as if the inmate were making a normal domestic call. When the inmate dials the local number we provide, we will connect the call to the country of choice for a fraction of the price. Please take a look at our international calling page for more information about the cost of service for calls made to destinations outside of North America.

  • How do I ensure that there will be no interruption of service between billing cycles ?

    When paying with a credit card or debit card, we automatically renew your account at the end of your service term. Reoccurring billing is available so that you do not have to worry about losing contact with your loved one in jail or prison for any length of time while you renew your account. If you do not wish to use this function just let us know at sign up and we will not activate your account with automatic renewal. Also, feel free to ask about our auto-replenish feature. We can set your account to automatically bill you any amount you choose whenever your balance falls below $5.00. You will receive an automatic email notification whenever you are billed. This feature is perfect for anyone who has a smart phone with email capabilities.

  • What if I use all of the minutes in my calling plan before theend of my billing cycle ?

    When all of the minutes in your calling plan have been used your service will end for the month. You then have the option of waiting until the subscription's cycle starts over or you can purchase additonal minutes at a cost of $0.05 each. You can call add funds to your account at any time by clicking the My Account button at the top of the page and logging into your account or by calling 1.800.526.1170. Please keep in mind that we do have a $10.00 minimum transaction. If you know how many minutes you might need each month it is best to add them to your monthly subscription so you will not have to worry about a break in your service.

  • What is auto-replenish ?

    Auto-replenish is a feature that automatically bills you when your account reaches a predetermined level. This ensures that you always have funds on your account and the inmate will always be able to contact you. This feature is activated only upon request. If you would like to take advantage of this feature just let us know and we can activate it at any time. Auto-replenish is perfect for anyone with a smart phone with email capabilities.

  • How do I renew my account ?

    There are several options available to you when it is time to renew your service. If you are not set up for auto-renewal or auto-replenish you can log in to your account and process payment at any time. You can also contact us to renew your account by phone at 1.800.526.1170, email Support@CheapJailCalls.com, or via our live chat function at the bottom of the home page.

  • What jails and prisons do youserve ?

    Our service will work for federal prisons, state prisons and county jails alike. Our service will work nearly anywhere that a local number is needed to reduce the cost of making long distance inmate telephone calls. Feel free to contact us to find out if we can serve the facility where your inmate is located.

  • How do I cancel my service ?

    To cancel inmate calling service with CheapJailCalls.com for any reason, just contact us by e-mail at Support@CheapJailCalls.com and we will deactivate your account at any time. All accounts are set up with our recurring billing feature, unless you specifically request to opt out, so we ask that you please give us at least 3 days before the start of the next billing cycle to avoid being charged for the next month. Returns will be made by customer request. See our Terms of Service for more information

  • What is CheapJailCalls.com's relationship with thetelephone service provider for each jail or prison ?

    CheapJailCalls.com has no relationship with the current telephone service providers at any correctional facilities. They have exclusive rights to provide service. We work independently to make their service cheaper. Learn more about our service on our How it Works page.

  • Will my unused minutes roll over ?

    There is no need to worry about losing any of the funds applied to your account. All unused minutes will roll over until used.

  • Can CheapJailCalls.com save me money if I live near thej ail ?

    If you already using a number for a city within 15 miles of the jail or prison where the inmate is housed, It is unlikely that CheapJailCalls.com will be able to save you money on inmate collect calls. If your number is registered within 15 miles, you are most likely receiving the best rate possible for your phone calls.

  • How do I use the CheapJailCalls.com service if the inmate has to call collect ?

    Our service will not work with traditional collect call systems. Our system will work with prepay systems only. You must employ means to ensure that your inmate calls are not billed as collect. This can be done by using a prepaid account with the current jail or prison telephone service provider, inmate calling cards, or by deduction from the inmate's telephone debit account. Contact us and we can discuss the options available to you at the facility where your inmate is located.

  • Is there any penalty for early termination ?

    If you choose our month-to-month calling plan you are under absolutely no obligation and can cancel at any time. In the event of early termination of one of our long term calling plans, you will be billed at the current rate of the month-to-month calling plan for all of the months of service that were used up until termination. You will be refunded the remaining funds but you will not receive the discounted cost of a long term plan. Learn more about our service on our How it Works page.

  • What will the inmate have to do to use the new local number CheapJailCalls.com provides ?

    The inmate will not have to do anything any differently than he/she is already doing to make use of a traditional phone number. If the inmate has to add the number to an approved call list they just submit the information like any ordinary phone number. Please keep in mind that the approval process can take several days depending upon the jail or prison's procedure so please plan accordingly.