USP Canaan in Waymart, Pennsylvania

United States Penitentary


  • Street: 3057 Easton Turnpike
  • City: Waymart
  • State: Pennsylvania
  • Zip Code: 18472

How to receive calls from USP Canaan

The cheapest, most efficient, way to receive prison calls from Canaan USP is by using the inmate debit account. The debit account is a prison phone account set aside to allow inmates calling from Canaan USP, and other federal prisons, to pay for their own phone calls.

Whenever an inmate in Canaan USP calls a long distance number, using their debit account, they are charged 0.23 per minute. Whenever a Canaan USP inmate calls a local number, they are charged 0.06 per minute from their telephone account. The same call that cost $3.45 is now just 0.90 for 15 minutes.

Inmates calling from Canaan USP in Waymart, Pennsylvania are limited to 300 minutes per calendar month for inmate calls in January through October and 400 minutes in the months of November and December. Using Cheap Jail Calls will save your inmate up to $646.00 in just one year!

We will provide you with a local telephone number, near the Waymart Federal Prison, for your inmate to call as if it were your original home, work or mobile number. When the inmate calls the local number that we issue, we will route the call to your current telephone number without alteration to your existing line. Only two things change in the way you will receive prison telephone calls; the telephone number your inmate dials and the new lower cost of prison calling.

Telephone calls from Canaan USP are limited to fifteen (15) minutes. At the end of fourteen (14) minutes, a tone will warn the caller that there is one (1) minute remaining on the call. After 15 minutes the telephone call will automatically be disconnected.

With Cheap Jail Calls, inmates in Waymart Federal Prison will save more than 70% on their prison phone calls. Call us at 1.800.526.1170 and start saving today!

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