Tel Mate

Inmate Phone Service Providers


Tel Mate is an inmate telephone service provider contracted with numerous county jails and state prisons across the country to provide inmate calls. Receiving calls from your inmate through Tel Mate can be very expensive and the further the inmate has to call the more expensive those calls become. Cheap Jail Calls will save you money by providing you with a local number near your inmate to eliminate any long distance toll fees that would result when using Tel Mate alone.

Cheap Jail Calls is not associated with Tel Mate or any of its affiliates and does not replace Tel Mate or any of its affiliates at any of the correctional facilities where Tel Mate holds contracts. The purpose of Cheap Jail Calls service is to reduce the amount of money Tel Mate will charge you for a long distance call.

You can learn more about Cheap Jail Calls by checking out our How It Works and Frequent Questions pages. To set up an account, or to learn more about the cheapest, most efficient way for you to receive inmate calls from county jails and state prisons using Tel Mate, contact us today at 1.800.526.1170.

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