Graceville Correctional Facility


  • Address: 5168 Ezell Road
  • City: Graceville
  • State: Florida
  • Postcode: 32440

How to Receive Inmate Calls From Graceville Correctional Facility

Cheap Jail Calls is currently unable to help you reduce the cost of your inmate phone calls from Graceville Correctional Facility in Graceville, Florida. If you are in need of phone calls from Graceville Correctional Facility, you will need to contact Securus Technologies to set up an inmate phone account.

Securus Technologies, also known as Securus, or Securus Tech, is the prison calling service contracted with the state of Florida for its prison phone calls. To learn more about how to receive prison calls with Securus Technologies, or for information about how to activate a Securus prison phone account, feel free to browse our Securus Technologies prison call page.

We are always updating our service. Feel free to check back with us later to see if we can reduce the cost of your inmate calling from Florida prisons.

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