South Bend Community Re-Entry


  • Address: 2421 South Michigan St
  • City: South Bend
  • State: Indiana
  • Postcode: 46614

How to Receive Inmate Calls From South Bend Community Re-Entry

For Indiana prisons, Cheap Jail Calls will assist you with reducing the cost of your international prison calls only. If you need to receive prison phone calls from South Bend Community Re-Entry, in South Bend, and live outside of the U.S., feel free to learn more about our international rates by browsing our international prison calling page.

Customers within the United States needing to receive phone calls from South Bend Community Re-Entry, and all other Indiana state prisons, will not need a local number from Cheap Jail Calls.

Public Communication Services , also known as PCS is the prison calling servicecontracted with the state of Indiana for its prison phone calls. To get the best possible price on your prison phone calls from South Bend Community Re-Entry, contact PCS to set up a PCS daily dial account with your current phone number.

Public Communication Services ?/a> calls are billed at a flat rate of approximately $0.24 per minute, for calls placed from South Bend Community Re-Entry to any number within the U.S. This is the case for all Indiana prison calls. Indiana prison calls are approximately 15 minutes in length.

To learn more about how to receive Public Communication Services prison calls, or to activate a Public Communication Services prison telephone account feel free to browse our PCS prison telephone service page for more details.

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